TC-Stats Taft College

TC-Stats Created By:

Project Manager
Brian Jean, Professor of Mathematics
Proceeds from the sales of TC-Stats help support STEM scholarships at Taft College.


Vince Tagle, Everything-that-wasn't-math programming
Stats Library Development and Wreptile Wrangler: Scott Godfrey
Han Tran, Vince's little helper programmer
William C. Fisher, Project Manager

Third party libraries used:
Boost C++ library
CHCSVParser Copyright (c) 2010 Dave DeLong
CHDropboxSync Copyright (c) 2011 Chris Hulbert
CocoaWebResource Copyright (c) 2008 Robin Lu
ConciseKit Copyright (c) 2010 Peter Jihoon Kim
CorePlot Copyright (c) 2010, Drew McCormack, Brad Larson,
Eric Skroch, Barry Wark, Dirkjan Krijnders, Rick Maddy,
Vijay Kalusani, Caleb Cannon, Jeff Buck, Thomas Elstner,
Jeroen Leenarts, Craig Hockenberry, Hartwig Wiesmann
DropboxSDK Copyright (c) 2011 Dropbox Inc.
iConsole Copyright (C) 2010 Charcoal Design
NSAttributedString+HTML Copyright by Oliver Drobnik / Cocoanetics
Google GTM library Copyright 2008 Google Inc.


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Brian Jean

Professor of Mathematics
Taft College
29 Emmos Park Drive
Taft, Ca 93268

Office (661) 763-7844



Screen Shots

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Multiple methods for data import, including Dropbox, Wifi,
HTTP and Email support.


Identifies bad data for columns listed as Interval or Ratio.



Graphics: Histograms, bar graphs, box and whisker plots,
normal plots, frequency distribution tables.

Frequency Distribution Tables allow the user to place ordinal
data in the proper order by a drag and drop interface.


Frequency distribution tables for nominal data.


A wide array of data filtering.


And much, much, more ...

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